Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Next Wave Of Protest: 1 Million Truckers To Shut Down America

First it was the Patriot Bikers. In less than two months it will be the Patriot Truckers.
Washington DC isn't going to know what to do about this one!!!

Pass this along... every patriotic trucker that doesn't know about this rally yet, and that can get away with their rig needs to be informed


  1. This is bull****. But the stupid Teabillies on Facebook will get a hoot out of it!

    1. Prove it or shut up!I hate it when you cannot make a simple statement without degradation.

  2. They will get the point sooner or later. Go truckers!

  3. This will be a great day. ;) Go Get 'Em Guys!! ;)

  4. No Linda you stupid liberal, we will get a hoot out Obama being thrown out on his ass along with his butt ugly wife. But even more so we'll get a hoot when you lose your welfare benefits!!!

  5. Fellow Americans Clinton administration passed nafta 1993 and Republicans help him also then comes free trade agreement more jobs lost in 1994 this open the door for companies to set up shop in other countries and take advantage of cheap labor and screw the American worker also the banksters got a green light under Clinton no regulation this is the end result on top of lost lives and the gulf war under bush go truckers I hope you shut it down for three weeks that will send a message, have you ever heard of these record profits these companies are making